Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sorry..... I'm not able to accept any new cakes & cupcakes orders for delivery/pick up between ........... 22nd APR 2010 to 03rd MAY 2010.
For edible images, only "PRINT AS IS" orders can be accepted during this time.

Thank you for your continuous support : )

BC Swirls and lines... for short notice orders

Buttercream swirls and lines is definitely my choice for orders for next day or same day pick up..... such as these.
From Cikgu Ros whom I met about 6 months ago at Yna's kindergarten. I guess these little cuppies are for her students and fellow teachers for an undisclosed celebration :)

 Ordered by a cakes & snacks supply kiosk at the shopping complex nearby. They usually placed their order at 10pm the night before, and usually left the design entirely up to me :)

But, there are also some who specifically chose the swirls and lines design even when their orders were placed a few days/weeks in advance :D  Thank you all!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red and Black and White

   I think such bold color choices are quite rare in our traditional wedding. Order from Amilia who came over to pick up the cakes after their solemnization ceremony, all the way from Serdang, Kedah.
Making the royal icing drop flowers in deep red and black was as tricky as I had expected because of the large amount of coloring gel needed. The pieces didn't dry cement hard and was so brittle; I broke a few pieces while assembling them on the cake. Was glad that Amilia agreed with my request to use fondant on the black n white themed cake.
Thanks Amilia, Selamat Pengantin Baru... Semoga Berbahagia

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coach, Ariani etc... themed cupcakes

I've recorded and watched every show of Cake Boss airing on astro since march.... and it's bringing back my interest in using fondant for cake decor.
This is ordered for a dear friend Mama, by her hubby Man (thanks...). A Coach theme was requested but i suggested to add Ariani theme too, since Mama is a big fan of Ariani's scarves. Finding original Ariani designs is harder than I thought since there're so many out there with an "ala" prefix to that brand. So, i narrowed down my choices to only the ones worn by Ekin and designs which can easily be replicated using fondant cutters. The scarf with blue flowers print was worn by Mama during one of the mini reunion with our friends.  As for the Coach theme, I love these bright colors from one of their OpArt range and a blue Charm tote to match Mama's scarf :)

Bold Zebra prints, inspired by two of the cakes featured on Cake Boss.

Colorful bowling balls with a sketch of an elephant playing bowling for a birthday celebration at the bowling alley

A set of cupcakes in black & white donuts theme

As for my reason for this long hiatus, ermmmmm... it's somewhere there between the short trip to Terengganu, spending time with my mom, laziness, lost the comm cable for the camera....etc... etc..
... I just love driving to Terengganu, the most scenic road in Malaysia (to my family at least) is definitely the stretch between Kuala Besut to Batu Rakit. We had the sweetest ayaq nyoq (coconut drink) when we stopped for a little picnic in Batu Rakit, the deserted beach has not changed much from the last 30 years, i can still remember the ocassional 5km evening jogging along the beach when I attended the mrsm nearby...