Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheesecake Cups / Cheese Cupcakes

I'm not sure what is the correct word for cheesecake baked in cupcakes liners.

I tried this nice recipe by Chef Asma recently. The pics above really do not do justice for these wonderfully creamy, not too sweet cheesecake cups. Here's the half recipe


240 gm Marie biscuits crumbs } Combined crumbs and melted butter.
250 gm melted butter } Press onto bottom of cup cake cases / liners

( A ) 250 gm cream cheese
38 gm castor sugar
75 ml UHT whipping cream
2 nos egg yolk
1/4 nos lemon rind
45 gm cake flour

( B ) 2 nos egg white
38 gm castor sugar
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
10 gm corn flour 

1. Beat cream cheese untill smooth, add in sugar and beat until creamy.
2. Add in UHT whipping cream and beat until smooth.
3. Add in egg yolk and mix well.
4. Add in all ingredients, mix well and leave aside.
5. Whisk egg white,sugar and lemon juice untill stiff. Add in corn flour into the
egg white.
6. Combined A& B , mix together, . Add in flavour or decoration.
7. Pour mixture onto biscuit crust and bake ( steambaked ) for 20 minutes - 30 minutes 

Yield 12 pieces of size M Solo cups. 
Top the cheesecakes with chocolate ganache or ready made fruit filling.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Day of Syawal 1430H

Today is the last day of Syawal, which reminds me to put up this pic of some of the cupcakes ordered by Sue's teacher for her raya open house gathering recently.
The funny thing about the pic above is that I've been getting remarks "deepavali cupcake" when anyone look at the pic. I think I've figured out what's wrong, the "pelita" are without "sumbu"; i.e. the wick holder! That's what happened when you were rushing to decorate at 2am in the morning........

Next time, I'll make it something like this

The second raya season, Eidul Adha will be on 27th November, insyallah..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New workplace, new friends

At the young age of 21 and after completing her certification course, Emi already owns her own shop, thanks to her very supporting parents. The shop has now pay for itself when the government is renting it as a training center, including utilisation of all the equipment. So, with all the free time on her hands Emi is going off to an island to gain more experience.
These cupcakes with the images of the resort is her gift to her new friends there. Thanks and good luck Emi ! Sue, Yna & me wish we could be there too...

Twilight New Moon Cakes

Kasuma and Sharina are the siblings who are so kind and friendly to me even though I've never met either of them. Kasuma is now 'enjoying' her first maternity leave, they are blessed with a baby boy recently, 10 years after their wedding.
When I read the first few lines Kasuma's email (yep... it was indeed a nice long email) asking for Twilight themed cakes, I was puzzled. Twilight as in twilight zones, twilight in the sky...?
Ha ha ha, it's Twilight Saga.... the novel series by Stephenie Meyer, and the latest craze is prelude to the official screening of New Moon in November. I was even more surprised at how many images of twilight themed cakes have already been posted.
The first square cake is chocolate & chocolate with strawberry cream filling, for students in her class. Kasuma told me that they (the girls especially) were so excited and the very lucky ones got a piece of edward and jacob.
The round tiramisu cake was for her best friends. The cream cheese filling was soft, so for the first time I made the chocolate ring to hold the filling in (i think i made the chocolate too thin, so it broke so easily as seen in the pic)
Thanks for the order, Kasuma. I will definitely search for Twilight the Movie soon, before New Moon is screened.
..... this is indeed a long post as well :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Emoticons Cupcakes

When i was in high school, the two months after PMR (it was called SRP back then) is one of the most memorable time. There were so much activities for us. We got to to experience life at the Felda under the care of Felda settlers who adopted us for a week (i remember we did a lot more destruction to their palm & rubber trees than it's worth our free labor :D ). We went jungle trekking & mount climbing in Taman Negara with groups from other mrsms, my white canvas shoes turned brown red from the leeches bloody bites and I was screaming to get out of the jungle. I learned to bake cream puffs which I think is the best I've ever tasted. We were briefed of what subjects we should be taking the next 2 years, which i opted not to study biology since i don't think i could handle another experience of dissecting a frog. I got to be the commando to lead the 5.30am exercise routine (for the girls lah...), after enduring the training by the real commandos. There were so much more....
As for my two teenage kids after their PMR exam, Syamil enjoyed his time mostly in front of PS3, Wii and Xbox; the girl Sue went on a trip to Malacca and did a lot of other activities at her school.
Nizaha wanted a suitable theme for the 'naughty', smart students in her Form 3 class; I chose to make these emoticons because they are the easiest and fun.
I'm sure some of them will accept the offers to join mrsm, govt boarding schools, sekolah teknik etc... after the pmr result is out, usually around christmas. So, cherish this moment with your friends kiddos! Thanks for the order Niza.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For Princess Ain

Thanks to Facebook I've managed to connect to many of my old friends (excluding a few ghosts of my past... :D). Except for a few who resides in northern part of malaysia, the last I met most of them was a quarter century ago, oh dear... I am soooo old.
Tie wrote on my wall that she'd like to order a cake for her daughter and wanted the pic of Ain to be edited to dress like a princess. A few nights later when hubby saw me looking confused in front of of my lappie he asked me why. When I told him about Tie's request, his reaction was "what...? you said u can do it?", and my reply was "err... yes".
I think the picture turned out okay (hubby agreed too), except that Ain doesn't like to see her red haired :(
Tie also ordered some 100+ cupcakes for all the kids at Ain's kindy (PASTI) too. Thanks Tie!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Roses & Heroes Cupcakes

From Mabel to her hubby, her hero...

Mabel initially requested for pink, white and choc cupcakes with roses and hearts. A few days later Mabel called asking to add transformers, batman and superman too, which I kindly informed that I'd only be able to make the logos only. They are newly weds so I guessed the cupcakes are for both of them to enjoy their own individual pieces. Thanks Mabel, I'm glad you like it.
btw, this is the best looking roses i've made ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brown Hantaran Cupcakes

The thought of making cakes or cupcakes for hantaran always makes me worry because all the paraded gifts are admired for their aesthetic value.
Nora asked for hantaran cupcakes for with brownish gold theme. Gold ???  I've never used edible gold dust  although have been shown the method in Yasmin bakingproject class I attended. I was relief when the samples pictures Nora emailed carries beige/brown/yellow colors.
These roses are made using 2 different methods, 1) using 5 petals blossom cutters 2) using round cutter for every petals. Personally, I prefer the round petals method because the roses appear fuller.
And for bekal during their 4-hour drive to rumah kenduri, these cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ana Uhibbuk, Ana Bahibbik

It is really sweet when couple celebrates their birthdays together. Murni and her husband share the same birthday on Hijrah calendar; but they decided to have a cake on hubby's gregorian calendar birthday since hers was during Hari Raya season.
One of the beauty of Arabic language is in its grammatical gender, i.e. masculine (muzakkar) and feminine (muannas), thus the 2 lines of "I love You" messages on the cake. The cake was decorated per a sketch from Murni; the fondant faces were plumpier than her sketch and them actual in person, i'm soooo sorry ya....
This is the 1st time I use chocolate ganache decoration on a cake. The 1:1 ratio of choc bar & cream was too runny, so I added some choc fudge to it. Cake was choc moist & choc sponge with strawbery/raspbery cream filling.. yum!
Murni loves to write too, do visit her at MurniHati

P/S This pic was taken using hubby's Blackberry, so much clearer than my E71. Our cybershot camera is out on a camping trip with Sue ; "bilalah nak mampu beli dslr pulak....."

Cest la Vie cupcakes

Another order from Ms Tina for her students (thanks Tina).
Tina was at a school at hubby's kampung and we had to balik kampung too ; funny that this was the 2nd time we were around the same place when I wanted to deliver her order. For her previous order we met at the hospital when I was visiting my nephew and she had an appointment there too.

Sorry..., blurred pics again taken using my E71 phone. For great pics of these, please go to  Cest-la-vie. Thanks Tina!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


These are some of the cupcakes and heart mini cakes ordered by Sue's friends at school, personalized to everyone's request. They are .... fun