Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cupcake Fondant Dome

Another cupcake decor method shown by Chef Alex Goh last week, the dome. Cut a round piece of rolled gumpaste, form it into a dome using the top of a cupcake plastic cover. Let dry for 3 days, add flowers and royal icing decor, voila...

My version only uses fondant, takes 3 days to dry too. I formed the dome using the back of pastry cups.
I have to upload these pics during this wee hour of the morning, Tenaga sent out a notice last week that there'll be electricity interruption the whole day tomorrow. Need to get out of the house tomorrow.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes Experiment

So this is what I've been doing the last 2 days... choc cupcake recipes experimenting.
I usually logged the recipes I tried into an ms excel spreadsheet, maybe the engineer inside of me is screaming to search for the perfect ratio of liquid/dry/oil ingredients for a cake. Bear with me, I am nowhere there yet. The cake cost is also logged like a Bill of Quantity (BoQ), maybe I'll even use SAP one day, ha ha ha. Sometimes this makes me feel a little better, just to know that not all my work experience has gone to waste.
I was excited that in Alex Goh's class last week, the recipe ingredients was also formatted similarly according to different flavors (actually it was grouped A)butter/sugar B) eggs/vanilla/flavorings C) Flour/bp/cocoa powder D)Milk/Juice)
My test recipe usually consist of 60g of butter, or 60g of flour if the recipe is not using butter. It will usually yield 8 to 10pcs cupcakes at 25g each (yes, I weigh each one). I prefer paper cups, they're much easier to peel, less waste and.... to me, the solo cups are just too darn expensive.
My basic tools

1) A cylinder container (my butter amount is just too little for the standard mixer bowl)
2) A handheld mixer (I've been using this since last 12++ years)
3) A digital scale (wish they have one decimal point display for this, precision, precision.....)
In the background, my new Kenwood KM sibuk nak enter frame

1st Experiment
An oil based recipe that I purposedly add an egg and some milk which is not called for

Result: A disaster, cake didn't rise at all. Looked like Reese's peanut butter cups but tasted so gooood (despite tak jadi, all the cakes are gone, both of my kids just love chocolate)

2nd Experiment
Another oil based recipe inspired by (thank you)

Result: I personally prefer dairy in my cakes but my son liked this one the best

3rd Experiment

Butter based recipe by Andrew Kow at (thank you)
Result: This will be the recipe for my next order, if I can icing it nicely
p/s I don't have choc paste to try Chef Alex Goh's recipe

I also tried these baking pans and cups

and the winner is this cup, the paper-lined cupcakes came out nice and round. I bought it for baking mini size meat pies actually.

Here's one for the album. Each one is special, no 1st prize winner for the choc cupcakes contest

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alex's Baking Class

Attended Alex Goh baking class last Sunday. The master chef certainly have vast experience in baking. I had stop using pure butter for quite sometime ever since the last bar I bought smell "too fresh from the farm", and opted for butter blend instead. The chef certainly changed my opinion, I bought 2 bars of Anchor butter immediately.

Baked some (pure) buttercakes for my daughter to share with her friends (She decided to take up Elect Eng like mommiey & ayah and experience the dorm life) Little Yna had 3 cupcakes at one go, likened it to the neapolitan icecream (I marbled strawberry/choc/vanilla flavor). The top appeared browned, this is the 1st time I used top&bottom heat to bake cupcakes, following Alex Goh's recipe.

I have an order for chicken theme cupcakes for next week, still thinking of how to do it....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silicone Mould

Tried the silicone mould again today. Followed suggestion to put a support under the mould. Mould was half filled baking temp 150C, my own orange cake recipe (to finish grated orange skin leftover from yesterday

The outcome, satisfactory, albeit the bottom is a little too dark and cake did not fully rise to the top of mould rim. The cake slide out effortlessly indeed

I stacked two pcs of the hearts each, voila.... got the perfect size for my mini cakes at 50g each.

My first attempt at "steamed" fondant. The fondant was still thick and did not flow smoothly

My first attempt at "steamed" buttercream. Phew... this thing is really untouchable once set. I made a mess rearranging the fondant pieces

Someone asked if I could make a little heart cake just/barely enough for 2 persons, I think this might work (once I've perfected my buttercream icing technique)

My first attempt at trying to cover a cake with rolled fondant after learning in Min's class almost one month ago. Not bad ehh....

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The only 5 hearts that survived out of 8

Balance cuppies escaped from hands of Yna & her sis
My 16 daisies, too lazy to complete 25

Really need to figure out the camera settings, blurred pics again

Baked some orange cuppies using store bought butter cake mix. Eagerly wanting to try my newly purchased silicone mini cake mould. The mould was a disaster, at only 150C oven temp, the cake batter was already burnt throughout (the ones baked in Solo cup was fine). Couldn't get the cake out either despite running a lidi along the sides and twisting & pulling the mould. Will do some more reading/researching before attempting to use that mould again.
Still got some balance fondant bought from Min's class. So tried my kerastangan at making one of my favorite flower, gerbera daisies. (I like single stemmed flower, anthurium, tulips, etc...) Quite happy with the result, at least I won't have to water these and it'll stay bloom longer than 3 days :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My First Cakes Order

Received my first order last Sunday from my daughter's friends from another classroom; a heart shape cake to feed 24 for a farewell party. Since I'd like to stick to my 500gm cake weight limit (due to my cake pan un/availability), I added a few cupcakes. Delivered today, hope it'll bring some cheer to the teens. The bare space on the cake is for their message, I left it out from the pics since I couldn't understand some words in the teens vocabulary

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flower Cupcakes & Previous Blog

Attempting my 'kerastangan' at forming flowers using Wilton flower kit



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Price List

BAKERYNA Home Baked Cakes

Ordering lead time is 3days before delivery, orders above 100pcs (cupcakes) require 1 week notice
50% prepayment by bank-in required (CIMB/Maybank)
Free delivery within Kulim township for minimum order of RM30. Outside Kulim, subject to distance.
Call or SMS: 012-4220061 (Anna)
Address: Taman Seroja, Kulim, Kedah (self pick-up by appointment only)

When placing your order, kindly indicate

1) Date of Delivery

2) Location of Delivery

3) Type of Cakes/Cupcakes (1A, 1B, 2A etc...)

4) Flavor of Cakes/Cupcakes

5) Number of Sets (for cupcakes)

6) Ocassion (birthday, engagement gift, kenduri doa selamat, etc..)

7) Theme (icing color, edible image OR kids tv character e.g barbie,mickey,....)

8) Message (where applicable, e.g. Happy B'day ...)

9) Bank preference for the remittance (Maybank or CIMB)


1A) Mini Solo Souffle Cup 2"
Buttercream Swirls w/ Fondant deco
Price: Set of 25pcs = RM35
Flavor : Chocolate or Vanilla Buttercake OR Rosewater Spongecake

(Message in fondant, max 15 alphabets)

1B) Edible Image Cupcakes (in paperliner cups)

Price : Set of 15pcs = RM30
Flavor : Chocolate or Vanilla Buttercake

(Please e-mail your image(s) in .jpg format, max 3 images, each icing sheet image is about 1.4" square)

1C) Box of 4 Cupcakes (in paperliner cups)

Set of 4pcs cupcakes with buttercream and fondant decor, suitable as 'buah tangan'

Price: Minimum 5sets (total 20pcs cupcakes) = RM32
Flavor : Chocolate or Vanilla Buttercake

1D) Fondant+Gumpaste Flowers Cupcakes (Mini Solo Souffle Cup 2")

Gumpaste flowers on fondant base
Price: Set of 25pcs = RM45

Cake Flavor : Chocolate or Vanilla Buttercake OR Rosewater Spongecake

Note: All cupcakes is at least 25g each excluding icing/decor weight

2) Cakes

Size : approx. 7" X 7.5"
Weight : 500gm
Price : RM 20
Flavor : Choc&Vanilla Marble / Chocolate / Vanilla
Icing Choices : Chocolate / Vanilla

2B) Doll Cake
Size : doll gown/cake diameter 7", doll height 11"
Weight : 1kg+
Price : RM 60
Flavor : Layered Spongecake Chocolate & Vanilla
Icing : Vanilla
Filling: Cherry or Blueberry

Last Updated: 08March, 2009