Friday, June 26, 2009

Cupcakes for Haikal... dan kakak + abang

Nora likes the all buttercream frosting cupcake I did for Father's day. She wanted chocolate cupcakes that can be enjoyed by the birthday boy's older bros and sis too, not too upin&ipin theme. Hope the 2 cuppies with Upin & Ipin face outline can be recognized by the little birthday boy.
Pink frosting is strawberry yogurt buttercream, enjoy... Yna really likes it, hope Haikal does too. Thanks Nora.

Selamat Bertunang Siti

This set is for Siti for her 'hantaran balas' on her engagement day today. Tak lama lagi kenduri lagilah Pak Long Ayub no.....

The color theme is black & white, but making buttercream with only shortening and krimwell to make it white just does not appeal to me. Taste or color?.... I choose taste! Black = dark chocolate, red blossoms penambah seri, he he he

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy !!!

This was ordered last week, but delivery was only confirmed at noon today (thanks En Kamal). The cake and choc fudge was already made last night; waiting for confirmation that mummy is around today to receive the cake, manalah tau kot terkena monday blues or birthday blues. So, got only 3 hours to decor the cake. Cake was a surprise from daddy and their two boys (in pic) to mummy, vanilla cake with cream and strawberry, choc fudge topping.

Dalam kelam kabut pun ,tried my kerastangan at making the scroll pattern on the side, wahkahkah.... so ugly, I really need to sign up for those expensive cake decor classes; seems like every trainer is charging at least RM180++ fee now.

Edible image applied without choc layer applied on reverse side, thus it really sticks to the topping; sampai berkedut-kedut...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

This order came from Aishah who lives in KL for her father in Kulim. I'm glad her Dad was pleasantly surprised with the cupcakes delivery. (Thanks Aishah)

Aishah mentioned she wanted cupcakes set which look like a whole cake, which I mistakenly interpreted as joined cupcakes despite the sample pic given. I assembled 19 cuppies on a 12X12" base (the biggest base I always have) and another 7 cuppies separately, the order was for 25 cuppies. After sending her the pic and at her request I changed it to the design requested. (Actually, I could've called her to confirm but instead I took a nap after maghrib and only woke up after midnite to assemble the cuppies)

Anyway I was glad that the confusion had given me the chance to assemble my first joined cupcakes. It was pretty easy actually, spread some frosting in each cupcakes until the same level as the cupcakes liner. Then placed the cupcakes closely together; to form a hexagon assemble as 1+6+12 circles. Using a large spatula, slap some frosting at the center and spread outwards. I spread the frosting thicker in the middle, and at same level as the cupcake liner on around the edges of the hex. Remove excess frosting from the edges by running a small spatula upwards between the cupcake liner ridges.
The most fun part was when pulling out the individual cupcakes from the set; the sensation is difficult to explain. (sort of the feeling you get from squeezing/pressing the air out from bubble bags, how do you explain that? I'm sounding like a weirdo :D)

Aishah also requested for orange topping. I was afraid fresh orange juice would separate in the frosting, so I used Sunquick orange drink concentrate instead. It is a nice contrasting flavor to the chocolate cake. (Strangely enough, it was only a day earlier that I advised another customer against combining an orange cake with chocolate fudge)

Here's the recipe for the orange frosting (enough for 36++ cupcakes)
Buttercup 90g
Krimwell 90g
Unsalted Butter 90g (use anchor brand if you, like me, don't like the bovine smell in butter)
Icing sugar 90g
Orange Sunquick 4 tablespoon
Orange emulco 1/8 teaspoon (for aroma)
orange coloring

Mix buttercup, krimwell and unsalted butter until combined. Add icing sugar and beat at medium speed.
Add the sunquick and continue beating at high for 10 minutes or until stiff peaks formed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ben 10 Alien Force Fever

I am surprised how popular the Ben 10 Alien Force is currently. Almost every home-based bakers has received orders for Ben 10 cup/cakes. Maybe the effect is amplified by the many airings of Ben10 on CN channel now.

This order came from bank staffs at a local bank (thanks Miss Ang). They liked the pic of the Ben10 AF cake I made previously (thanks Farra for initiating the Ben10 cake order). I suggested 5 other pics of Ben 10, but all of them still prefers this same pic of Ben with only 5 of his alien forms. So the other 5 alien forms has to be printed separately. I initially printed Spider Monkey, only to realize later that it's already on the main image; so have to print 3 pcs of Big Chill on a new icing sheet. To this effort my son said, "...that's why you're special (mom)Miey, you're detail when it comes to the theme given."

I was unaware that the fondant Omnitrix was also expected, luckily I've printed the omnitrixes and placed it on the cakes with its plastic backing still attached. This order was confirmed only one day before delivery, I don't have enough time to make & dry the fondant; I'm really sorry Miss Ang... All 3 cakes are orange buttercake with vanilla sponge layer, plain whip cream filling with buttercream topping. Wanted to put choc fudge topping but thought that it won't complement the orange cake taste very well.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maroon Roses for Engagement Hantaran

Shima contacted me about 2 months ago to order cupcakes for her engagement hantaran. Shima doesn't like fondant, prefers buttercream, but I am concerned that the buttercream won't hold its shape during the long journey to negri sembilan. (especillay during current very hot, possibly El Nino condition for Jun to August 2009)

We communicated a lot since the past 2 months, understand how much she wanted the cupcakes to look 'presentable' (trusted a novice like me to do it???). Shima finally sent me a pic of the cupcake design she likes (fondant roses on fondant base) ; so I suggested to add a layer of buttercream on the cupcake so she (or the groom-to-be 's entourage) can just remove the fondant top to enjoy the orange almond cupcakes.

Was relieved when I received a sms from Shima saying "......thanks for the cupcakes, cantik :), pihak lelaki pun ckp sedap....makcik2 sume puji cantik :)..."

Thanks Shima, especially for trusting me to try out full fondant design on 25 cuppies. It was so laborious and time consuming, I am glad I made it even though I have to decline other orders for that day. One of the bakery supply shops in Kulim starts to supply box for 16 cuppies, that's what I'll use for future orders for full fondant topped cupcakes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When Daddy Orders Cup/cakes

I was only half awake when I took this order over the phone. (Yna was affected with fever virus that is more active at night, well that's what the doctor told me. I had to keep applying/changing wet towel on her forehead at night) All I could remember, Jo was specific about how the b'day message should be spelled, and the cupcakes are needed the very next day. No suggestion for color(s) or theme.
I asked hubby what should I make, Farisha is about the same age as Yna. Hubby reply was "do whatever that Yna likes".
Grrrr... that's no help at all, Yna's interest swings almost every 2 days, last week was Thomas the train (which she managed to persuade ayah (daddy) to get her a Thomas train set during a shopping trip without mommy tagging along), then it was her lappy and drawing mommy & cakes using paintbrush, then her 4 Barbies and complaining that her Barbie 'mansion' is without a living room, this last few days she's glued to the tv for the many episodes of Ben10 now airing on CN (she told me who Julie is soon after I blogged abt Ben10 cake). Yna now carries a b'day wish list everywhere she goes , i.e. a recent Toys R Us flyer with names of her cousins/uncles/aunties next to the toys she wants for her upcoming b'day on July 4th, jenuhla hangpa bulan depan.

Back to the cupcakes, the alphabets already took up 3/4 of the cake, so I add a few daisies. The alphabets are written with melted chocolate on fondant. Jo said he'll refrigerate the cake until the following day, so I applied whipped choc ganache on the vanilla cupcakes, and buttercream swirls on the choc cupcakes. Jo didn't even bother looking at the cuppies when he came over (with wife, Nurul) to pick up the order, I guess maybe that's just how dads are when ordering cup/cakes................. (i mean, he already gave his instruction, it'll just be too late to suggest anything when the finished product is ready )

Selamat Bertunang Akmal & Nani

Nani graduated in Pharmacy recently and is promoting/selling skincare product on her fp, she will start her full-time job as a pharmacist soon.

Nani ordered 2 sets of vanilla cuppies (thanks Nani), one for the engagement, another for sharing with friends and relatives. The engagement ceremony color theme is beige&white; but she wanted one set of cuppies in brown/pink like the one I did before and the other set colorful; with their names on either one of the set. I chose colorful daisies instead of the usual roses theme for hantaran; hope u like it Nani.
Selamat bertunang, jangan2 tunggu lama2 nak kenduri, lepas tu ikut Akmal ke Sarawak pun seronok, my favorite city/town in Sarawak is Miri. Dulu masa dok kerja dgn projek telco almost setiap bulan pi sana; suka sayur midin masak lemak, sambal belacan Miri & mee kolok, then beli beras Bario kat tamu muhibbah bawak balik sini buat nasi ayam :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ben10 AF Cake

AF=Alien Force not Akademi Fantasia...

I don't even know that Ben is now 15 not the 10yr old boy anymore. Know this from Yna actually, she even briefed me about Kevin, Gwen and Grandpa Max, but haven't heard Yna mentioning Ben's gf Julie though. Hmmm... wonder how old will Ben be in the upcoming sequel, Ben 10: Evolutions, will it still be suitable for small kids below age 10 then?

The cake was ordered by Farra who bakes & sells lots of cheesecakes (besides working full-time, being a unit trusts consultant, and raising 2 soon to become 3 kids! Super Mama indeed); do visit her at Cake ordered was 1.5kg Chocolate cake with fudge topping, and both b'day boys' pics on the cake. Makcik Ana even include a fondant omnitrix for Mus'ab, fortified with powdered milk (nak jadi alien tak boleh la, nak tambah kalsium beberapa mg boleh la). I included Ben age 10 & his alien forms images, in case Mus'ab doesn't like the Ben age 15 version. Thanks Farra, really like your enthusiasm into whatever you do.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Upin & Ipin + Cars

I wanted to write about this set for quite some time, this set was delivered almost 2 weeks ago.

The theme requested was Upin & Ipin and cars. I would have made Upin & Ipin out of fondant, but it was for a little boy, if the fondant turns out like 'toyol' instead, it would just scare the boy on his b'day. Was so glad that his mom agreed to Upin&Ipin edible image, thank you so much Yati. Image were used with permission from Upin&Ipin webmaster, thank you.

The fondant cars were traced using cardboard templates, one of which was drawn by dearest hubby who drives a silver bmw but wishes that it is black. Noticed the black car being chased by a Mitsubishi Evo X pdrm's patrol car? Ha ha ha, few years back hubby was stopped by the BKE highway police just to hand him a pic (and a summon too I think) for being the 2nd fastest car caught on their speed trap on Butterworth Kulim Expressway! (I shouldn't be proud of it, I know, I know....... but I won't mind being the fastest woman on BKE pulak, ha ha ha)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mac Icons Cupcakes

My first reaction when I received this order, I laughed ! The previous edible print of Mac Icon & cuppies deco was done in less than an hour; and to have someone actually order based on that picture really (pleasantly) surprised me.

This was ordered by Nani for her hubby who has become so attached to his Macbook; want it to be delivered to one big mnc in Bayan Lepas FTZ. Glad that the Penang Bridge was not congested despite the school holidays, thanks to the 3rd lane. I had no problem finding the plant, syukur ada Kenwood/Garmin+MalSing map (was amazed how many plants the mnc now has compared to my subcontractor engineer days 15 years ago)

The cuppies are flavored with real vanilla bean pods, got it from my sis from her Bali trip. My daughters simply love the cuppies, so I'll share the recipe here.

The measurement I use is based on my usual vanilla cake recipe, except no egg yolks and the vanilla milk prep.

Butter 125g (I use Anchor brand mixed with some Buttercup 75%/25%)
Caster Sugar 150g (not too sweet since topping will be added later)
Egg Whites 125g
Flour 250g (I use regular cap Sauh/Ros mixed with superfine 50%/50%)
Salt half teaspoon
Vanilla Bean 2 pods
Milk 200ml
Vanilla essence qtr teaspoon

Simmer the vanilla pod in the milk for a while, scrape the seed and add to the milk, leave to cool.
Beat the butter and sugar until creamy, add the egg whites and continue beating.
Add half of the flour, add milk, add remaining flour. Pour in cupcakes liner, 32-35g of batter each for size 9 liners.
Bake at 160C for 30 mins, voila! Oooooh the smell of vanilla during baking, kalah ambipur.......

Green Roses Hantaran Cupcakes

Green roses do exist.... They are mainly exported from Ecuador, jade green is the most favorite shade; I just found out while making this set.

This is actually my first order of full fondant covered cupcakes. Had no choice but to add considerable amount of gumpaste to the fondant to ensure the roses will retain their shape ; the wedding on the groom side is one week away from the date I delivered the cuppies (I even put a warning message about the gumpaste on the box label, to me gumpaste is edible but definitely not eatable!). The choice of cake is of course fruit cake.

Looking at the reaction from the customer, I think I did not fail her expectation :)