Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strawberries & Chocolate

I must had hit the wall with this last order. I already made the fondant figurines, and the night before delivering it I was suddenly worried if Reen would approve, the instruction from her 3 days earlier was 'buat theme love2 je' (tang 'je' yang tak tahan tu).

So I made some fondant roses instead and put them in front of the fan to speed up the drying process. While arranging the cuppies, then only I realized there're 6 cuppies staring back at me with no decor! I have some extra Driscoll's stawberry bought for the cuppies I made 2 days before, so there they went on 4 of the cuppies. I'll wait for Giant Kulim to open (in June maybe?) before adding cuppies with fresh stawberry topping to the menu.
The hearts are melted chocolate, couldn't believe how easy it was to make those. Would be making more in future, but not sure if they can stand our weather.

So, here're the figurines. She's Sakuno, he's Ryoma, they're from Prince of Tennis anime. They're both singing, he's using his racquet as guitar. A park bench provide support for their back.

Where will these figurines go? Yna.... your Barbies will be having a couple of new friends for the school holidays!

MU Lost the UEFA Champions !!!!!!

Woke up the most exciting news for quite some time, Barcelona 2 MU 0 !!! Know of many MU fana(atics) who won't be able to lift their head up today.
Heard earlier yesterday that most of the bets were 2-0 score, yeah right... except the egg actually went to MU. Barça! Barça! Baaarça!

So, it's 3 titles won out of 5 they dreamt for this season; better luck next season guys! Hmmm... now I'm wondering what will happen to the MU celebration cupcakes order

P/S Methinks Chelsea will win the FA this weekend

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Ce N'est Qu'un Au Revoir"

Any word with le or les prefix just sound so interestingly french. This set was ordered by my regular customer for a farewell gathering. Her niece is going to Le Creusot for her internship. Another aspiring engineer, and french theme just got me so excited.
The edible images are mostly paintings about Le Creusot, an industrial city in Burgundy. The popular landmarks are 1) "Le gigantesque marteau-pilon du", the huge steam hammer and 2)"Château de la Verrerie", was a crystal factory for Marie Antoinette, then became home for the Schneiders, now a museum.
The famous black & white painting of "Women Demonstrating at Le Creusot, 1870 " reminds me of my previous working days as an 'engineer kilang'.
The fastest train, "thay zhay vay" (TGV) just has to be included too (recorded >500 km/h top speed in 2007 test, avg start stop 280km/h, it's like less than one and half hour from Kulim to KL, wow!)

The flowers are pansies from one of the version of Hermes Kelly (paper) bags at

From the map above , Le Creusot is near Italian & Swiss border too. Go girl...., "Ce N'est Qu'un Au Revoir" (i don't even know how to pronounce it, translation = till we meet again)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anime Cupcakes

Made this for nephews' jamuan at school. Edible images are from characters of Japanese anime Bleach.
I haven't watch any episodes of Bleach yet, still reading about the soul reapers, bounts, hollows...... ichigo, ulqiorra, rukia etc, etc... Staring at these images long enough, I'm starting to feel like looking at 'iklan gel rambut', ha ha ha

Monday, May 18, 2009

Flower Theme

Ordered by Chee for a jamuan at office. Tried making one set of all fondant roses, in 3 and 4 petals only.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Edible Image

These are example of edible image for MU theme cakes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Teachers Day

Malaysia's Teachers Day is on May 16, 2009.
These are some of the cupcakes ordered by the students at a high school nearby for their teachers, thanks to Cikgu Nab & Nadhirah. Looking at these pics, I'm feeling that the flowers are slightly off the school theme, sorry kids.

Books descriptions and stationeries markings using FoodWriter edible markers.

Each cupcake is packed in plastic container with dome cap.

An MU Fan's Birthday Cake

This cake was ordered by Zura (thanks!) to surprise her hubby during his busiest time of the day, i.e. at 10am. The surface of the choc fudge is so uneven, it really shows through the edible image sheet. Kinda like the BJ stadium's field the team has to play on when they come to M'sia during their Asia Tour, LOL !!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day May 10, 2009

This set was ordered by a girl who lives in KL to surprise her mom in Sg Karangan.
I was so happy to see her mom's reaction, tak berhenti-henti syukur kpd Allah, alhamdulillah.....
The girl informed me a day before that her mom likes chocolate, so some choc buttercream were added.

This is for Miss K's mom and her BF's mom. Thanks Miss K. She insisted for 10 and 15 cupcakes per box instead of 9 and 16 combo, I really don't know why. Thanks Miss K for agreeing to english words. Let me brush up my chinese character writing skill first before attempting it on the cake, okay.
It's been 20 years since my Mandarin classes at a uni in California, this year Yna doesn't go to the kindy that teaches mandarin, so all the books and flash cards are just collecting dust now.

Another set for mom's day, in pink. Thanks Kak Y for agreeing to use the decor from a last minute color theme change from another order.

This is the homemade box I'll be using starting from the above orders. The only problem is that I'll have to open it up everytime I deliver, show it to the customer, and fumbling with the ribbon when I want to close it back.

I'm a happier person if I don't have to use those unrecyclable plastic cake boxes.
The store bought ones are 2" too tall, the window types has to be ordered from KL, thus RM5 extra (incl. 2oz souffle cup for the cupcakes)

P/S Sorry for the glare from the camera's flash, I'll fix it after I reinstall Photoshop.

Purple and White Birthday Theme

I don't really know that even small birthday gathering carries specific color theme nowadays until I got this order. This set travelled to KL. Thanks Kak Z for educating me, ha ha ha.

This is how the swirl looks like before travel, wonder what they look like when arrived in KL.

This is the cardboard box with window, paperliner cupcakes were opted simply because the 2oz solo souffle cup can only be filled with 25g batter instead of 30g for the paperliner.

Birthday Cupcakes for Karen

Received this order at 9 am, to be delivered to an office at 6pm the same day, I did it! Judging from the number of calls/sms I received immediately after delivery, I think they are pleased. Thanks KY.

Cuppies for Kindy

These cuppies weighs about three quarter (75%) of the regular ones. Just nice for the kids at the kindy/taska. The fondant uniform cuppies were for sample, the rest are pics of some of the order from the teachers. Terima kasih cikgu.

With this, I started taking orders for split boxes of 9 and 16 cupcakes with additional charges for the extra boxes. Minimum order of 25 cupcakes still applies; i.e. order can be split into 9 and 16, at RM2 extra.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pink & Purple Daisy Cupcakes

Received this order during the rush to balik kampung for Labor Day holiday. The instruction, chocolate cupcakes for a family gathering to celebrate her cousin's b'day. She liked the previous yellow daisies cupcakes, thanks M.
I'm happy with the choc and almond fondant I made, not overly sweet like the usual plain fondant.

Cupcakes for Apple IMac enthusiast

This was the set I came up with in a rush to 'balik kampung' for a BBQ b'day party. Chu is a fan of Apple gadgets.... Ipodsssss, Iphonesss, Macbookss and his latest addi(c)tion, the IMac desktop. (the 's' stands for number of each gadget the family has collected).
We had fun choosing which Mac OS X Leopard icon/stack we like. The favs, Finder, Automator, GarageBand, Itune and... the Trash bin.
Edible image icing sheet taste way much better than fondant, a cross between wafer and chewing gum.