Friday, August 28, 2009

Pink Theme Cupcakes

Emi is Asyraf's friend who's keeping my sil Kak Yan company while taking care of Asyraf in the hospital, thanks Emi. Her favorite color is pink. This set was requested by Kak Yan to surprise Emi on her birthday and to bring a little cheer to both of them. Most of the cupcakes were given to the nurses.

P/S Asyraf is now in HDW (high dependency ward) His condition suddenly turns worse 2 days ago after his spinal surgery, while trying to get up to sit for the first time after one month since the accident. One of his lungs collapsed, suspected due to blood clot. Looking at him with all the wires and tubes is really heart wrenching. Please help to pray for his recovery....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Strawberry & Chocolate Cupcakes

This order came from Reen, requested strawberry & chocolate cupcakes to celebrate arrival of Ramadhan (and her birthday) with her family in Perlis. Thanks Reen!

These are mostly moist chocolate cupcakes (with a few vanilla cupcakes) topped with a layer of chocolate fudge and/or whipped cream. I hope the cupcakes made it back to Perlis okay, since the strawberry quickly turns soft after I washed them just before placing on the cupcakes.

Read over the internet that fresh strawberry can only last 4 to 5 days after picking. Since these are from Driscoll's USA, I believe 3 days have passed before they hit the local supermarket shelves here. So.... in future I will only confirm fresh strawberry cupcakes order 2 days before delivery, that is if the strawberries are available at the local supermarket ;) The Gunung Jerai (Kedah's highest mountain) strawberry farm project has started to bear some fruits since early this month, hope to see their strawberries here in near future.

Ramadhan Mubarak to everyone.... (Many of my non-Muslim friends also welcomes the month of Ramadhan; to them it's an opportunity to sample various traditional delicacies from the Ramadhan bazaars)

P/S Asyraf has gone through his spinal surgery earlier today; surgery was postponed for 5 days since the ICU ward was fully occupied with H1N1 patients, and..... the surgeon was down with ILI. Thanks to all who have express your sympathy

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cupcakes for Murni

Terima kasih Murni for ordering & sending me these pics. I only had 10 mins to pack these when Murni sms me that she's on her way to pickup the cuppies early in the morning; didn't have time to snap any pics myself :)

Designs of the cuppies were specifically requested by Murni, except for the fondant house & daisies. These are for her kids birthdays in August. Murni told me that her 4yr old was excited since she was wearing pink tudung just like my fondant version of AnaMuslimah magazine character. Thank you Murni, nanti bila ada masa yg sesuai K Ana jemput mai rumah buat kek & fondant decor, insyaallah.

Murni also sent this pic of the melted fondant deco on buttercream, but also told me that the cupcakes were left for a while in the car without aircond running. Fuh... lega, anyway I do find that the ready made fondant from Bakerland is too soft and will not dry up as easily as my homemade version.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cupcakes for USM Convocation

Seeing purple...... USM 40th Convocation Ceremony took place last week. My sis suggested me to send over some cakes for sale at the students' booth. With less than a day notice these are the 100 cupcakes I made.
Scroll holder & Flowers

Graduation Robes with some of the faculty color codes

Purple Graduation Caps with black tassels


I was not able to visit the bazaar because of other urgent matters, wanted to see if the cupcakes topping could stand the humidity & heat under the bazaar tents. One lesson I learned, it is not a good idea to keep the cupcakes in its individual fully enclosed dome cases under such harsh condition especially if the topping contains dairy. About a dozen balance cupcakes left were removed from sale on 4th day. The extra ones made with this order and left in my kitchen are still good even after 6 days, hmm............

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zufar & Barney Cake

Looking at Zufar's pic with his cute smile and dimpled cheek just makes you want to reach out and squeeeeze his little cheeks. This is 1.5kg moist choc & vanilla cake with choc fudge filling . The polka dots are in Barney, BJ, Baby Bop and Riff colors. Thanks for ordering, Atie.

P/S To those whom I have to decline your orders the past few weeks, please accept my sincere apology. Our family has to spend the past few weekends in Alor Setar GH visiting & discussing treatment for Asyraf's spinal injury due to a motorcycle accident. Asyraf is my hubby's nephew, age 23, just finished college, a paternal orphan since age 5. Spinal surgery (incl. bone graft, pedicle screws & rod fixation) has been scheduled for this week. Please pray for his speedy recovery.....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Perodua Cupcakes

Yatie ordered these cuppakes to surprise hubby on his birthday the very next day (thanks Yatie). Yatie wanted green and red buttercream; but I added plain/white buttercream for contrast and the pinky red above is the closest I could come up with before turning the buttercream bitter from too much coloring gel.
Cupcakes were delivered to a Perodua showroom nearby. Ha ha ha... I think even the staffs there could not recognize the models of these perodua cars icing transfers :D

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ben 10 Cupcakes

Cikgu Mira requested hand drawn images of Ben10 on only half of the cupcakes. This is my first attempt using buttercream to draw the outline. The advantages compared to using melted choc/candy is that the images are easily transferred onto the cupcakes; using melted choc always causes the images to crack and the bc flooding does not stick to the outline. But, with buttercream outline the images becomes easily smeared. Anyway, Syahmi was happy when he saw the cakes, that's what really matters. In keeping with yellow, brown & green plus B & W color theme, only Goop, AlienX, Humungosaur and Echoecho were drawn. Thank you Cikgu Mira for your order.

Cupcakes for Annie

Annie is one of the postgrad students from a group of three who are currently helping me as part of their assignment in Cyber Marketing class. She picked up the cupcakes while on her way to visit her grandpa & aunties. Was glad that she & her aunts liked the cupcakes, even though I didn't follow the design she requested thru an email just a day before. Thanks Annie, for everything.
The extra cuppies were turned into this, our family pic including my helper & Yna's pet goldfishes.

Hantaran Cake - Blue Theme

This is my first order of hantaran cake. Hidayah wanted 1kg choc cake with buttercream.
I was definitely nervous to put my novice cake decorating skill on a hantaran cake that should be aesthetically pleasing to join the parade of gifts for the engagement ceremony.
The fondant pieces were piped with melted choc underneath them as barrier against the buttercream, after 8 hours they seem to hold their shape quite well. Hidayah was delighted when she came over to pick up the cake, thank you so much Hidayah.