Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swirl Roses Cupcakes

First of all, I'm sorry Nora...
Nora called the night before these cupcakes were delivered that she wanted 'similar' design cupcakes like the one she ordered previously; wanted it just for makan2 with her kids.

She informed me during her last order that her kids like chocolate, so I made some with choc fudge topping. I got some free time, so I made those swirl roses and attempted the basketweave method.
Nora's expression when she received the cake "......macam lain pulak..."(i.e. different). I just had to ask why she wanted the very simple design as her previous order and I got the answer "...yang ni nampak macam banyak icing". Barulah faham la ni, Nora prefers cupcakes with very little icing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strawberry & Chocolate Cupcakes

Kim likes the color combo of choc, white and pink on the cupcakes I made before. She really wanted the strawberries and wouldn't mind the extra charges. Was glad that I managed to find a box of just the right size strawberries at JJ.
Kim expression when she got her order "Pretty!", thanks Kim. The cupcaks were choc moist with choc fudge and buttercream topping, plus 250g strawberries.
As for Yna, we were relieved that it wasn't the dreaded TypeA flu; just a normal high fever with rashes. I found out later from her teacher at kindy that 3 of her friends were down with chicken pox last week. When Dr Shah the paediatric first met her in the hospital, her only words to him was "saya tak mau cucuk" in her manglish accent.Tough luck dear, here's a pic of her with the drip on her hand which she called "A Big Yellow Ant". She was discharged after spending 4 days in the hospital ward (Alhamdulillah...) she fondly called 'my room', since she doesn't have her own room at home.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ben10 Choc Cake for Adam

This order came from Mas for her son. Mas wanted it delivered to Adam's babysitter's house where they had a birthday party for Adam. Adam was definitely excited to see his face with Ben+his 10 alien force forms on the cake.
Thanks Mas for requesting just a simple choc cake (it was choc moist & choc sponge layered with choc fudge). I was in a hurry to send Yna to the hospital because she's been having fever for 5 days, prescription from the local paediatric 3 days earlier did not cure her fever.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cupcakes & Top Cake for Aqiqah

Aqiqah is celebration of the birth of a child in Islam. 'Cukur jambul' ceremony whereby a little portion or all the hair on the baby's head is trimmed are usually performed during aqiqah for newborn babies. These cupcakes and a top cake were ordered by Aisyah for her son's, nicknamed Q9, kenduri aqiqah last weekend. Q9 has a cute litlle mole near his nose.

Design of the cake and cupcakes as requested by Aishah consists of cupcakes topped with colorful buttercream and pink/purple/blue/green/yellow fondant decors in the shape of stroller, footsteps and Q9 face; plus a simple topcake with a pair blue baby booties. Aisyah wanted the cuppies to be meriah (colorful) to attract the kids.

I changed the detail piping on the fondant from white royal icing to melted chocolate in the hope that it would lure the kids to eat the fondant decor too :)

Aisyah is kind to share some of the pictures she took on the joyous occasion. Message from Aisyah "..........happy sgt tgk kek2 tu cute2 n cantik2...booties cake wuz delicious"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Wawa... she loves cats

First of all, sorry Wawa, the cuppies deco left a lot to be desired. The sagwa pics were too small, the alphabets too thin, the kitty paws were ..... (I let you find a word for it).

I know something's wrong the minute my daughter said "awat banyak sangat W", my reply... "w for Wawa..." hu hu hu, the paw prints look like messy W's :( I only had less than an hour to complete them, I thought afternoon delivery means 2:30pm , not 1:00pm.
Maybe I was just thinking too much of these baby foodprints...

(there's a whole lot more of baby stuffs where these came from, tunggu.....)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tiramisu Cake

Yna's bro & sis were home last weekend, so we had a small gathering to celebrate her belated birthday cum our 19th wedding anniv :) Balik kampung and had a small barbeque. It had been raining for 2 days, and didn't stop that night. So, bbq under a hut and ate the 1st round (chicken) under the new wakaf, the 2nd round (misc. seafood) inside the house. B'day cake for dessert.

Yna's birthday is sort of obligatory yearly gathering for us, she's the youngest among her cousins. We always had cheesecakes from SR in the past, so I thought a tiramisu cake would be a nice transition to baking the cake myself this year and in future, insyallah. The cake was gone in seconds (I thought everyone was full) Well.... it was only 8" round, the only size of springform pan I have. The mascarpone cheese and the coffee dipped sponge fingers makes the difference. Got a couple of bookings immediately :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Maroon Hantaran Cupcakes

Two orders of maroon color theme cupcakes on the same day made me wonder are those for the same couple?The blurred image was taken using a handphone. I received a message from Izan while I wasn't home, she wanted to pick up the order a few hours earlier than originally planned . So i called ip my helper a.k.a bibik maroyah to arrange and packed the cuppies. Alhamdulillah, she has the conscience to snap the pictures as well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July Birthdays

For everyone sharing the same birthday as my daughter Yna last Saturday, Happy 4th of July Birthday!
July 4th Sofea
I like how the blue background brighten the baby's picture (it is an image of Disney's princess castle actually, but does not quite visible after printed) . Design of the cake was given by mommy, thanks Farah!
July 4th Hoven
I was so glad that baby Hoven immediately recognized the small Barneys at the bottom when he saw these cuppies, thanks Carmen.

July 4th Shamacho
I couldn't refuse this order despite the 1-day notice because Sharina (the b'day guy's sis) was the 1st customer who ordered online about 5 months ago when I started this blog (thanks so much Sharina). Wanted to add more decor but kept thinking how my hubby just loves the choc fudge topping without addtl. decor, hope Shamacho liked it too.... (this young To' Penghulu's hobby is fishing) July 4th Yna1
This is for Yna's friends at kindy, she kept insisting that she wanted Power Puff Girls Z for the girls. (hmmm... another popular cartoon series which has suddenly 'grown' up recently) I added Disney/Barbie princesses etc. since I don't think her teachers would approve the anime image of Buttercup, Blossoms & Bubbles in their skimpy skirts.

And.... for the boys, Yna said just abc's for them... ha ha ha
July 4th Yna2

Thursday, July 2, 2009

For My Nieces & Nephews

My sis and her family now lives in Tawau, Sabah. The kids are beginning to enjoy their life there but still miss a lot of what KL and Peninsular M'sia offers.
Each row of cupcakes is for each one of them, Playstation, LeSport Sac, Hannah Montana, Ben 10 and Upin&Ipin. I can hear their scream of joy over the phone when they received the cupcakes, hand carried by my sis for a duration of 6 hours from Penang to Tawau. The cake is a simple vanilla sponge cake with strawberry filling and choc fudge topping.
Sorry for the blurred pics, was in a hurry to te airport and didn't check the cam settings first.

Company Logos Cupcakes

I was definitely happy when I received this order, a new theme, and... paid by the banks :D

My thanks to both Puan Ms' for this opportunity.

The yellow & black are XS size cuppies to fill a little space left in their goodie bags. The red & white are for their VIP visit's tea party.