Thursday, July 22, 2010

Number Cakes

Age is just a number ? Hmm.....

To me, the excitement of birthday celebrations diminishes once you have to add another digit to the age. And...after 30, most people i know would prefer not to be reminded of it and 'celebration'(?) is limited with those closest to you....

Anyway, I like birthdays, the very least it gives you a reason to eat cake, and let me continue baking them :-D

For a dear friend for her son's 1st birthday celebration. Number 1 cake with photos I copied from her FB. I really like this little pic of them, love and laughter... it's contagious... i can't stop smiling.
I watched Eclipse recently, love that old sweaters quilt Bella received from her mom, and also it reminded me of the photo quilt in the movie Stepmom . I'm bad at finishing my needlework projects (i have loads of unfinished cross stitches, beads on baju kurungs and yna's hat, sofa pillow covers, jeans hem alteration etc... etc... stashed somewhere in the house), so... i won't jump into quilting just yet . For now, i'm just as happy to be doing quilt patterns on cake. Anymore takers? Thanks Tie...

For my son's joint birthday celebration with his cousin. (This is the 1st b'day cake i ever baked for him)

For my niece's 1st birthday, my bro was surprised that this Mak Jang remembered! 1st birthdaylah... so special

For my regular customer, a kindy nearby, Tadika Fitrah Ehsan. They have been ordering one, two or sometimes three cakes almost every other Thursdays. And i just love to hear their "wow..." everytime they see the cakes, even for this ugly not really smooth fresh cream topping, lucky me!

An old photo of a two digits cake I made a few months ago, back when the number moulds suddenly appears on the racks of all the bakery supply shops in this area; they weren't available previously. Errr... yes, i was so excited and bought two moulds, even though the cake order was only for 1kg :-) . Thanks Firah.. dah banyak orders u yg lain masuk yang ni baru nak post pic.

and.... there's no lying how old this pic is, LOL! Ordered by a loyal customer from JPPH office Sbrg Jaya for her daughter's bday, thanks Yanie!

A few mre pics added here just because I don't want to create a new post

Num4 cake with very good pics of the boy

Red Black & Bling cake for a special mom