Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Special Project - Canteen Day

Thanks TR for ordering these cuppies. Hope the cuppies survived today's heat.

The weather is strange these last few days, blazing heat during the day and rains at night. One of the kid's room has become my cold room for cake decor, print & storage now. Nak beli chiller belum mampu lagi, he he he


Anonymous said...

the girls loved the cuppies kak anna!! by 10.30 dah slod out! theyr gone in a blink of an eye!! especially the ones with heart shapes and ladybugs on!! Everyone kept asking me where i ordered those cuppies! i'm thinking of selling more cuppies to add more fund for the English Language Society! will contact u when i want to make more orders k!? thanx alot!! ;) REENxoxo