Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My First Tiered Wedding Cake

To my customers who were wondering why I couldn't take your orders since the last 2 weeks, this is the main reason . I was so nervous about making my first tiered wedding cake
Cake consists of 10" and 6" vanilla cake (the bride's favorite) and an 8" sugee fruit cake. I think other than the turquoise and pink colors being a tad too bold, it turned out quite okay, thanks Nani for trusting me with this task for your special day. Nani ordered her 2-tier wedding cake from me since last October, her initial request involved molding figurines, but she changed her mind a month ago, much to my relief   : )

This makeshift cake stand and cake knives were also included.
The covered cakes and fondant pieces prior to the stacking process. The arduous task of kneading and rolling the fondant were a little easier on this removable faux marble coffee table top.
Nani also ordered some cupcakes as 'hantaran' to the groom's side. The color theme was fuchsia, but... even with 100% magenta settings on the printer the edible image still didn't turned out nearly as bright as seen on Illustrator.


Anonymous said...

Many congrats for your first tiered cake Kak Ana... Lawa sangat!


Anna @ Bakeryna said...

Thank you...

MizZHannA said...

thanx kak ana
memang lawa pun kek
n sedap hehehe

kak, nak pinjam gambar bleh?
nak letak dlm blog
sya ada letak link blog akak jugak hehe
thanx again ye kak