Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cupcakes for Annie

Annie is one of the postgrad students from a group of three who are currently helping me as part of their assignment in Cyber Marketing class. She picked up the cupcakes while on her way to visit her grandpa & aunties. Was glad that she & her aunts liked the cupcakes, even though I didn't follow the design she requested thru an email just a day before. Thanks Annie, for everything.
The extra cuppies were turned into this, our family pic including my helper & Yna's pet goldfishes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pn. Rohana,
The butter cupcakes really taste good and it is a very creative and beautiful design too! My family enjoys it. Thanks to you!

I shared half of them with one of our group members - Huoi Ying. She likes it as well. are really creative, the extra cuppies looks good!! :)

- Annie Ng -