Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love is in the air

Celebrate the love you share... with a cake or cupcakes.

You can spell it out ....

Or add it to your birthday message

or send a heart shaped strawberry covered cheesecake

or give your mom cupcakes she could enjoy one piece at a time

or.. for the so many special friends you have, one or two of these cupcakes

or... names of those specific friends you love so much (but, i mispelled one of them, sorry Farah's sis)

or add some buttercream flowers to your love themed cupcakes
or add some simple drop flowers too

or..... replace the hugs n kisses u intended but couldn't give (for whatever reasons), with these cupcakes

Being bombarded with orders for lovey dovey themed cupcakes the past couple of weeks makes me wonder if there's any new date for the celebration of love in April/May on the calendar that I'm not aware of? Hmmm...

My deepest thanks to all of u for ordering, sorry i don't know your names. All of the orders above were thru the cake kiosk at the mall or friends of my existing customers. 

And here's the title song.....


Azreena said...

Stunning! Suka yang ada lips tu *clap*