Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding Cake... and muffins too

I was so happy to be given another opportunity to make a wedding cake. Ordered by Yana, Nani's friend who liked my first tiered cake i did for Nani's wedding. Thanks so much Nani & Yana.
The cake didn't resemble much to the sample pic sent, my error in making the top tier too big and I didn't have enough fondant roses (and no time to make some more) to fully cover the top surface. A message sent by Yana and yet another order from their friends indicate that maybe they still loved this cake after all. Thanks girls !

Yana also ordered a thousand muffins to as gifts for her guests. For weeks i was concerned about how long it would take me to bake these muffins. So I bought a new industrial oven, which now takes up the only empty counter top space in my little kitchen. It turned out that the slowest process was not baking  the muffins, it was packing them. Was soooo glad that my mom and her helper came over to help. Thanks mak & dayah...

So..... to those who were wondering why I could't take your orders or why the "closed" banner on this blog for that last week in April, now you know....