Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strawberries & Chocolate

I must had hit the wall with this last order. I already made the fondant figurines, and the night before delivering it I was suddenly worried if Reen would approve, the instruction from her 3 days earlier was 'buat theme love2 je' (tang 'je' yang tak tahan tu).

So I made some fondant roses instead and put them in front of the fan to speed up the drying process. While arranging the cuppies, then only I realized there're 6 cuppies staring back at me with no decor! I have some extra Driscoll's stawberry bought for the cuppies I made 2 days before, so there they went on 4 of the cuppies. I'll wait for Giant Kulim to open (in June maybe?) before adding cuppies with fresh stawberry topping to the menu.
The hearts are melted chocolate, couldn't believe how easy it was to make those. Would be making more in future, but not sure if they can stand our weather.

So, here're the figurines. She's Sakuno, he's Ryoma, they're from Prince of Tennis anime. They're both singing, he's using his racquet as guitar. A park bench provide support for their back.

Where will these figurines go? Yna.... your Barbies will be having a couple of new friends for the school holidays!


Anonymous said...

kak anna! the figurines r sooo cute!! nape tak letak?? but i definitely lurveee the strawberries!!-Reen