Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Ce N'est Qu'un Au Revoir"

Any word with le or les prefix just sound so interestingly french. This set was ordered by my regular customer for a farewell gathering. Her niece is going to Le Creusot for her internship. Another aspiring engineer, and french theme just got me so excited.
The edible images are mostly paintings about Le Creusot, an industrial city in Burgundy. The popular landmarks are 1) "Le gigantesque marteau-pilon du", the huge steam hammer and 2)"Ch√Ęteau de la Verrerie", was a crystal factory for Marie Antoinette, then became home for the Schneiders, now a museum.
The famous black & white painting of "Women Demonstrating at Le Creusot, 1870 " reminds me of my previous working days as an 'engineer kilang'.
The fastest train, "thay zhay vay" (TGV) just has to be included too (recorded >500 km/h top speed in 2007 test, avg start stop 280km/h, it's like less than one and half hour from Kulim to KL, wow!)

The flowers are pansies from one of the version of Hermes Kelly (paper) bags at http://lesailes.hermes.com/na/en/.

From the map above , Le Creusot is near Italian & Swiss border too. Go girl...., "Ce N'est Qu'un Au Revoir" (i don't even know how to pronounce it, translation = till we meet again)