Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day May 10, 2009

This set was ordered by a girl who lives in KL to surprise her mom in Sg Karangan.
I was so happy to see her mom's reaction, tak berhenti-henti syukur kpd Allah, alhamdulillah.....
The girl informed me a day before that her mom likes chocolate, so some choc buttercream were added.

This is for Miss K's mom and her BF's mom. Thanks Miss K. She insisted for 10 and 15 cupcakes per box instead of 9 and 16 combo, I really don't know why. Thanks Miss K for agreeing to english words. Let me brush up my chinese character writing skill first before attempting it on the cake, okay.
It's been 20 years since my Mandarin classes at a uni in California, this year Yna doesn't go to the kindy that teaches mandarin, so all the books and flash cards are just collecting dust now.

Another set for mom's day, in pink. Thanks Kak Y for agreeing to use the decor from a last minute color theme change from another order.

This is the homemade box I'll be using starting from the above orders. The only problem is that I'll have to open it up everytime I deliver, show it to the customer, and fumbling with the ribbon when I want to close it back.

I'm a happier person if I don't have to use those unrecyclable plastic cake boxes.
The store bought ones are 2" too tall, the window types has to be ordered from KL, thus RM5 extra (incl. 2oz souffle cup for the cupcakes)

P/S Sorry for the glare from the camera's flash, I'll fix it after I reinstall Photoshop.