Monday, July 13, 2009

Tiramisu Cake

Yna's bro & sis were home last weekend, so we had a small gathering to celebrate her belated birthday cum our 19th wedding anniv :) Balik kampung and had a small barbeque. It had been raining for 2 days, and didn't stop that night. So, bbq under a hut and ate the 1st round (chicken) under the new wakaf, the 2nd round (misc. seafood) inside the house. B'day cake for dessert.

Yna's birthday is sort of obligatory yearly gathering for us, she's the youngest among her cousins. We always had cheesecakes from SR in the past, so I thought a tiramisu cake would be a nice transition to baking the cake myself this year and in future, insyallah. The cake was gone in seconds (I thought everyone was full) Well.... it was only 8" round, the only size of springform pan I have. The mascarpone cheese and the coffee dipped sponge fingers makes the difference. Got a couple of bookings immediately :)