Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July Birthdays

For everyone sharing the same birthday as my daughter Yna last Saturday, Happy 4th of July Birthday!
July 4th Sofea
I like how the blue background brighten the baby's picture (it is an image of Disney's princess castle actually, but does not quite visible after printed) . Design of the cake was given by mommy, thanks Farah!
July 4th Hoven
I was so glad that baby Hoven immediately recognized the small Barneys at the bottom when he saw these cuppies, thanks Carmen.

July 4th Shamacho
I couldn't refuse this order despite the 1-day notice because Sharina (the b'day guy's sis) was the 1st customer who ordered online about 5 months ago when I started this blog (thanks so much Sharina). Wanted to add more decor but kept thinking how my hubby just loves the choc fudge topping without addtl. decor, hope Shamacho liked it too.... (this young To' Penghulu's hobby is fishing) July 4th Yna1
This is for Yna's friends at kindy, she kept insisting that she wanted Power Puff Girls Z for the girls. (hmmm... another popular cartoon series which has suddenly 'grown' up recently) I added Disney/Barbie princesses etc. since I don't think her teachers would approve the anime image of Buttercup, Blossoms & Bubbles in their skimpy skirts.

And.... for the boys, Yna said just abc's for them... ha ha ha
July 4th Yna2