Monday, July 20, 2009

Cupcakes & Top Cake for Aqiqah

Aqiqah is celebration of the birth of a child in Islam. 'Cukur jambul' ceremony whereby a little portion or all the hair on the baby's head is trimmed are usually performed during aqiqah for newborn babies. These cupcakes and a top cake were ordered by Aisyah for her son's, nicknamed Q9, kenduri aqiqah last weekend. Q9 has a cute litlle mole near his nose.

Design of the cake and cupcakes as requested by Aishah consists of cupcakes topped with colorful buttercream and pink/purple/blue/green/yellow fondant decors in the shape of stroller, footsteps and Q9 face; plus a simple topcake with a pair blue baby booties. Aisyah wanted the cuppies to be meriah (colorful) to attract the kids.

I changed the detail piping on the fondant from white royal icing to melted chocolate in the hope that it would lure the kids to eat the fondant decor too :)

Aisyah is kind to share some of the pictures she took on the joyous occasion. Message from Aisyah "..........happy sgt tgk kek2 tu cute2 n cantik2...booties cake wuz delicious"