Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cupcakes For Four Kids

For Four, doesn't that sound like one of the chic SmartCar models.
These 2 sets were ordered by Yatie. One set of chocolate buttercake & chocolate moist cupcakes with her kids names; then I requested for their favorite cartoon characters to add on the cuppies. My promise to Yatie, if the Barbie & Snow White images turned out so hideous I wouldn't put it on cuppies. Another set was vanilla cupcake with fresh strawberry and cream.
When Yna saw the icing pieces made using color flow method, her reaction was "you're funny mommy". I was even more worried when my daughter Suehaila said, "sapa dia nih.....?" (who's that..) referring to those supposed to be Barbie pieces. Well... here are the actual images I was trying to copy, taken from Yna's bag, tumbler and stationery set.
I sent an obligatory sms to Yatie immediately after I delivered the cuppies (she didn't look at the cuppies earlier because the box of strawberry cuppies was on top of it) ; apologizing if Athirah wouldn't recognize her Barbies on the cupcakes. Reply from Yatie "... looks great; they are so happy :) " Thanks Yatie.