Friday, September 4, 2009

Number 5 Cake

As if the previous number 1 cake was not difficult enough (ha ha ha.... thanks Niza for your never ending challenges); this new order thru Nizaha was for a number 5 cake with edible image of mom & daughter. No specific theme given. Since the surface on top of the number 5 was so narrow, I printed the edible image on only 1/3 of the A4 icing sheet (balance 2/3 of the sheet for another cupcake order)
The whole cake was vanilla sponge to ease the cutting and shaping process. Cake was baked in an 8" round cake pan and a loaf pan. Excesses after the shaping process were 1/4 of the round cake including a 2" circle, and about 1/4 from the loaf pan; more than enough for my snack, waistline too ;(
Cake was made with 15% less sugar this time after being informed by Nizaha that the previous Num 1 cake was a tad too sweet (thanks again Niza for the feedback)