Wednesday, December 23, 2009

20th Birthday Photo Cake

Everytime Emi, age 21, called me Chik (aunty), i'm reminded how old hubby and I are. Then again, I remember that all my school/uni friends' makcik and pakcik (aunts and uncles who are the second last daughter or son to your grandparents) that I knew were the most fun & hippiest amongst all the other aunts and uncles, lol

Emi ordered this to surprise her friend at Pulau Rebak, Langkawi. I think this 2kg 3 layers chocolate and vanilla sponge cake with raspberry and chocolate fudge filling, survived the long drive and boat ride to that island because I received message from Emi later saying "...everyone loves the cake, delicious..." That coming from those who are so used to eating their 5-star resort' desserts,  i am so very happy :D

My first attempt at making buttercream roses, I think they look more like cabbages than pink roses :(


Anonymous said...

i am cake decorating enthusiast too can u please tell me where to buy edible ink for printing cakes?

Anna @ Bakeryna said...

The ones I use is from Jamaree Decor, just google for them...