Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiramisu Cake with Barbie Edible Image

The square cake pans with removable base are sold only in odd number square sizes at the bakery supply shops here. I wasn't sure why, maybe it was meant to accomodate the shrinking of spongecake after being cooled; i.e. my logic, bake the cake in the larger even number size pan and assemble it in the smaller odd number size pan, in this case 10" and 9" pans. (I always place a thin layer of chocolate spongecake at the base of the tiramisu cake to ease transferring from the pan base to the cake board).
Making these rectangular chocolate sheets was definitely much easier compared to forming it into a round/ring shape. But, superimposing the the pics of the girls onto two of the musketeers' face wasn't; although the Image-Equalize function in Photoshop did help.
The cheesecake filling was made using a (secret?) method revealed by Chef Khairy, a former chef of SR - white couverture chocolate to replace sugar in all their cheesecakes! The filling seems to set firmer faster this way despite the dairy whip cream being a little runny before mixing in the cream cheese/white chocolate mixture. And, I just love the taste, glad that I've made extra for my kids and their cousins who were spending their holidays here. Btw, I've given up trying to find mascarpone cheese around here, I'm now happy with the Anchor brand, less tangy than Philly, thus suitable for tiramisu.
Thanks for the order Cikgu Husna.