Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cakes n Cupcakes for the Girls

This order was from my daughter's friend. My swirl roses have slightly improved, many thanks to KamalinaCakes for sharing her method, use Wilton nozzle 224 and 103

When my friend Ti asked me to bake some fun cupcakes for her friend's 3 year old daughter I immediately chose Fifi and the Flower Tots and Strawberry Shortcake, although they're not that popular in Malaysia because it has not been aired on Astro for quite some time.

Another order from Ti is a tiramisu cake for one of her best friend at school. I think this is probably the 5th tiramisu cake ordered by the teachers at SMKM. Ti and her friends are hardcore fans of the Twilight series, and I think they are definitely anticipating the Twilight Eclipse screening in June, in 3d! The initial plan was to put Edward's pic but received an email just a few moment before I print, to have Kecum's newborn 'prince' and Kecum's other half pic instead.

There are so many variants of Tiramisu out there, this is the recipe I have been using
Cream Cheese                200g (mascarpone preferred, otherwise use Tatura, it's less acidic than Philly)
UHT Whipping Cream    200g
White Couverture Choc   150g
Sponge Cake                   300g, sliced into two
Savoiardi Lady Fingers    enough to cover one layer
Nescafe 3in1                   2packs
Nescafe Regular              1 tsp
Hot water                         1 cup

Beat cream cheese till smooth set aside

Whisk UHT Whipping Cream until about triple the volume (not too stiff) set aside
Melt courverture chocolate using double boil/ bain marie method and add fold into whipping cream.
Take about 3 tablespoon of cream cheese add to white choc/whip cream and fold the mixture into the cream cheese.

Mix the two kinds of nescafe with hot water to dissolve and set aside to cool in a bowl
Put a layer of sponge cake on bottom of removable base cake pan, and spread half of the cream cheese mixture.
Dip the lady fingers half of its side and flip it onto the other side, so that it won't become soggy
Arrange the dipped lady fingers on the cream cheese layer
Spread another layer of cream cheese. Place the spongecake piece, or sieve some cocoa powder.
Top the spongecake with whipping cream or choc ganache, voila !

And... for Ti who's recuperating at home after a kidney surgery, I bring her these.... for her kids

Take care Ti! Advise from Ti to everyone, drink more water, eat less meat. Hmm...I still can't hit the 3liter per day target set by my Herbalife consultant


mots said...

hi,image strawberry ngn fifi atas cupcake tu blh makan ke? tq

Anna said...

Hi Mots... Ya gambar kartun sberry shortcake n fifi boleh makan, budak2 mmg suka icing sheet tu

mots said...

nice.just happens that we're fans of fifi and strawberry :) perfect combi cupcakes. u dont happen to have a branch in KL do you. ;) coz unfortunately we're in kajang.