Friday, March 5, 2010

Cupcakes for the Guys

MU is probably doing better (after Cristiano left), since this is the 1st order for MU themed cupcakes I received this season. Maybe it's for celebration of them winning the Carling Cup recently. And the next match everyone's waiting for will be on 10th March against AC Milan at Old Trafford, Becks is Back !
Despite all the above excitement..... I'm happy that Chelsea still tops the Premier League table and I keep receiving hundreds of edible images for cupcakes with Chelsea's and Arsenal logos.... :-D

This is ordered by Cikgu Hunny for hubby, thank you...

From Jaja (tqvm...) to her fiance, design based on a few pics sent by Jaja, without any info about the originator.

From Jo for his family, no specified theme, his request was for something simply 'biasa' (regular). Thanks Jo, I probably forgot to pick up Yna from school if u didn't call  :)