Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cupcakes for (Bigger) Boys... (contd)

Boys... when they are a lot bigger they absolutely MUST choose an EPL team to support, and the popular choice will be any one of the big 4s .... MU, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool (ranked according to their current standings, before 03rdApril mind you)
But, if you don't have one yet (really?) do read this suggestion by an American, it's an old (2006) article, i find it so amusing, especially the part "I don't care who you pick, just don't pick Manchester United" LOL!
ESPN Simmons on EPL
 This set was ordered by Naley for her bf. The numbers on the jersey must hold a special meaning for them, because I couldn't find the player names for number 3 and 7 (according to this season line-up), thus decided to remove all the names from the jersey images. Arrangement of the cupcakes is as requested by Naley, thanks for ordering....

And some (bigger) boys still find the time to go to school despite their busy work schedule and family commitments. This was ordered by Ann (thanks) for her hubby Paul,who recently completed his Masters degree. Congratulations!