Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silicone Mould

Tried the silicone mould again today. Followed suggestion to put a support under the mould. Mould was half filled baking temp 150C, my own orange cake recipe (to finish grated orange skin leftover from yesterday

The outcome, satisfactory, albeit the bottom is a little too dark and cake did not fully rise to the top of mould rim. The cake slide out effortlessly indeed

I stacked two pcs of the hearts each, voila.... got the perfect size for my mini cakes at 50g each.

My first attempt at "steamed" fondant. The fondant was still thick and did not flow smoothly

My first attempt at "steamed" buttercream. Phew... this thing is really untouchable once set. I made a mess rearranging the fondant pieces

Someone asked if I could make a little heart cake just/barely enough for 2 persons, I think this might work (once I've perfected my buttercream icing technique)

My first attempt at trying to cover a cake with rolled fondant after learning in Min's class almost one month ago. Not bad ehh....