Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alex's Baking Class

Attended Alex Goh baking class last Sunday. The master chef certainly have vast experience in baking. I had stop using pure butter for quite sometime ever since the last bar I bought smell "too fresh from the farm", and opted for butter blend instead. The chef certainly changed my opinion, I bought 2 bars of Anchor butter immediately.

Baked some (pure) buttercakes for my daughter to share with her friends (She decided to take up Elect Eng like mommiey & ayah and experience the dorm life) Little Yna had 3 cupcakes at one go, likened it to the neapolitan icecream (I marbled strawberry/choc/vanilla flavor). The top appeared browned, this is the 1st time I used top&bottom heat to bake cupcakes, following Alex Goh's recipe.

I have an order for chicken theme cupcakes for next week, still thinking of how to do it....