Saturday, February 21, 2009


The only 5 hearts that survived out of 8

Balance cuppies escaped from hands of Yna & her sis
My 16 daisies, too lazy to complete 25

Really need to figure out the camera settings, blurred pics again

Baked some orange cuppies using store bought butter cake mix. Eagerly wanting to try my newly purchased silicone mini cake mould. The mould was a disaster, at only 150C oven temp, the cake batter was already burnt throughout (the ones baked in Solo cup was fine). Couldn't get the cake out either despite running a lidi along the sides and twisting & pulling the mould. Will do some more reading/researching before attempting to use that mould again.
Still got some balance fondant bought from Min's class. So tried my kerastangan at making one of my favorite flower, gerbera daisies. (I like single stemmed flower, anthurium, tulips, etc...) Quite happy with the result, at least I won't have to water these and it'll stay bloom longer than 3 days :)