Friday, February 27, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes Experiment

So this is what I've been doing the last 2 days... choc cupcake recipes experimenting.
I usually logged the recipes I tried into an ms excel spreadsheet, maybe the engineer inside of me is screaming to search for the perfect ratio of liquid/dry/oil ingredients for a cake. Bear with me, I am nowhere there yet. The cake cost is also logged like a Bill of Quantity (BoQ), maybe I'll even use SAP one day, ha ha ha. Sometimes this makes me feel a little better, just to know that not all my work experience has gone to waste.
I was excited that in Alex Goh's class last week, the recipe ingredients was also formatted similarly according to different flavors (actually it was grouped A)butter/sugar B) eggs/vanilla/flavorings C) Flour/bp/cocoa powder D)Milk/Juice)
My test recipe usually consist of 60g of butter, or 60g of flour if the recipe is not using butter. It will usually yield 8 to 10pcs cupcakes at 25g each (yes, I weigh each one). I prefer paper cups, they're much easier to peel, less waste and.... to me, the solo cups are just too darn expensive.
My basic tools

1) A cylinder container (my butter amount is just too little for the standard mixer bowl)
2) A handheld mixer (I've been using this since last 12++ years)
3) A digital scale (wish they have one decimal point display for this, precision, precision.....)
In the background, my new Kenwood KM sibuk nak enter frame

1st Experiment
An oil based recipe that I purposedly add an egg and some milk which is not called for

Result: A disaster, cake didn't rise at all. Looked like Reese's peanut butter cups but tasted so gooood (despite tak jadi, all the cakes are gone, both of my kids just love chocolate)

2nd Experiment
Another oil based recipe inspired by (thank you)

Result: I personally prefer dairy in my cakes but my son liked this one the best

3rd Experiment

Butter based recipe by Andrew Kow at (thank you)
Result: This will be the recipe for my next order, if I can icing it nicely
p/s I don't have choc paste to try Chef Alex Goh's recipe

I also tried these baking pans and cups

and the winner is this cup, the paper-lined cupcakes came out nice and round. I bought it for baking mini size meat pies actually.

Here's one for the album. Each one is special, no 1st prize winner for the choc cupcakes contest