Thursday, March 5, 2009

2009 European Cup(cakes)

The guys in the house want some 'male' theme for the cupcakes. My hubby & 3 kids are all MU fans. I'm always the only one supporting the other team in MU matches, not a fan of any FC but I do put on my Chelsea t-shirt (bought by my beloved MU fan) when they have a match against MU (ha ha ha).

So here it is, the cupcakes with edible images of this season's UEFA Champions League favorite teams (I think). RM30 for a box of 15 cuppies, I'll deliver to you on the match day (before 7pm, free delivery if you're in Kulim). Choose your one favorite team, or 2 teams if you have that much excitement in your home too... (It's so boring when the whole house just support one team, don't you think?)

For the girls who want to stay neutral during the matches, then get this RM6.50 for a box of 4 cuppies. (Minimum order of RM32 for 5boxes if you order only this alone)

P/S I'll change the match ball and UEFA Champions League Logo, just realized that UEFA Cup is different from UEFA Euro Cup
Edible ink & icing sheets are halal certified, by Jakim