Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fondant Making

This is how I make fondant, following Yasmin's technique taught in her class, adjusted to yield 500gm (thank you Min, visit her at http://bakingproject.com/)
10gm gelatin powder (from Halagel)
30ml water
90gm liqud glucose
15gm crisco
10 gm glycerin (from Mudah Mart, Sg Limau, Kulim)500gm+100gm icing sugar

Combine gelatin+water, wait to thicken. Dissolve gelatin completely using double boiler, then add glycerin, then shortening (careful not to turn shortening into oil)

Put 300gm icing sugar to mixer (I use Kenwood KM) Create a well, add the gelatin mix. Let the machine knead, add sugar little by little.

After well mixed (and before risk breaking the knead attachment) transfer to working surface. Apply a little shortening to hand & work surface, knead in remaining sugar (I had to add abt 70gm more). This is the hardest part....glad I have a helper at home.

After dough formed, keep in plastic bag and let stand for an hour before use. Add flavor and colors, then roll or form your design

p/s I write this to explain that I make my own fondant, sign up for Yasmin's class to see the details