Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Widget and PLKN

Add a new widget tonite, Places to See (.....before You Die) . Was pleasantly surprised that some of the places shown tonite are those I've visited; ancient Rome, Pompeii, Monterrey Bay CA, San Francisco.... arghhhhh the perks of my previous jobs.

Went to visit my son at PLKN Lagenda, Langkawi last weekend. Was pleased how the regiment has changed him in just one week; crew cut hairstyle, clean shaven, wearing slacks and long-sleeved shirt, I almost didn't recognize him, LOL. He already had his first experience of IV drip for his high fever (we weren't informed, of course). Finally, an activity that can peeled him away from his PS3 and Xbox continuous online gaming for the past 2years++.

Baked some cream cheese filled chocolate cupcakes at hubby's request for 'secret recipe's-like' cake in a paper cup. Cream cheese filling taste better when not baked, I think.
Without my teen kids around, my baking experiments are taking backseat.

Yna's would like to give it to her friends at kindy, on condition that the deco must be of her favorite theme, Pooh's Super Sleuth gang or Strawberry Shortcake. Okay, mommy will think about it later..... (actually, mommy already know these cupcakes are too rich to take on any more frosting than a small swirl of choc buttercream). It's already past 4am, will post the pics tomorrow (done)..............zzzzzzzzzzz

What you do on those long ferry ride to Langkawi, sleep of course. Yna was definitely enjoying her nap, rasa macam naik endoi kot.

P/S DJIA dipped below 7,500 that's what kept me awake tonite, fear & excitement buildup