Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For Princess Ain

Thanks to Facebook I've managed to connect to many of my old friends (excluding a few ghosts of my past... :D). Except for a few who resides in northern part of malaysia, the last I met most of them was a quarter century ago, oh dear... I am soooo old.
Tie wrote on my wall that she'd like to order a cake for her daughter and wanted the pic of Ain to be edited to dress like a princess. A few nights later when hubby saw me looking confused in front of of my lappie he asked me why. When I told him about Tie's request, his reaction was "what...? you said u can do it?", and my reply was "err... yes".
I think the picture turned out okay (hubby agreed too), except that Ain doesn't like to see her red haired :(
Tie also ordered some 100+ cupcakes for all the kids at Ain's kindy (PASTI) too. Thanks Tie!