Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cest la Vie cupcakes

Another order from Ms Tina for her students (thanks Tina).
Tina was at a school at hubby's kampung and we had to balik kampung too ; funny that this was the 2nd time we were around the same place when I wanted to deliver her order. For her previous order we met at the hospital when I was visiting my nephew and she had an appointment there too.

Sorry..., blurred pics again taken using my E71 phone. For great pics of these, please go to  Cest-la-vie. Thanks Tina!


queenbee said...

no prob Ana!BTW I have found a few other bakers fr AS area...but not that to my taste.There's 1 though up north but really expensive

Anna @ Bakeryna said...

Well... I'm happy to be of service whenever you happen be in Kulim or Penang again