Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twilight New Moon Cakes

Kasuma and Sharina are the siblings who are so kind and friendly to me even though I've never met either of them. Kasuma is now 'enjoying' her first maternity leave, they are blessed with a baby boy recently, 10 years after their wedding.
When I read the first few lines Kasuma's email (yep... it was indeed a nice long email) asking for Twilight themed cakes, I was puzzled. Twilight as in twilight zones, twilight in the sky...?
Ha ha ha, it's Twilight Saga.... the novel series by Stephenie Meyer, and the latest craze is prelude to the official screening of New Moon in November. I was even more surprised at how many images of twilight themed cakes have already been posted.
The first square cake is chocolate & chocolate with strawberry cream filling, for students in her class. Kasuma told me that they (the girls especially) were so excited and the very lucky ones got a piece of edward and jacob.
The round tiramisu cake was for her best friends. The cream cheese filling was soft, so for the first time I made the chocolate ring to hold the filling in (i think i made the chocolate too thin, so it broke so easily as seen in the pic)
Thanks for the order, Kasuma. I will definitely search for Twilight the Movie soon, before New Moon is screened.
..... this is indeed a long post as well :)


wickedwarhol said...

Wahhhhhhh..... this is really nice and I'm sure both of them will be reading this. They are crazy about Edward and if you started googling Twilight, the baking might get a bit too slow :-)
Well done with the cake and keep baking and sharing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Anna,

Your friend, Tie (ur college roommate, rite?), who ordered the cake for her daughter Ain, is actually my good friend, Kak Pah (the Edward Cullen cake). Wat a small world, kan?

BTW, K.Pah bought and read all four Twilight books and a fan of Edward too :)


Anna @ Bakeryna said...

Kasuma... Tie = K Pah? Ha ha ha When mama(our/tie's friend) told me that Nizaha is her former student, I thought K Pah will be someone at Nizaha's age too; small world indeed!

Wickedwarhol... thanks. I'm thinking of making (andy) warhol inspired edible image soon