Saturday, October 17, 2009

Emoticons Cupcakes

When i was in high school, the two months after PMR (it was called SRP back then) is one of the most memorable time. There were so much activities for us. We got to to experience life at the Felda under the care of Felda settlers who adopted us for a week (i remember we did a lot more destruction to their palm & rubber trees than it's worth our free labor :D ). We went jungle trekking & mount climbing in Taman Negara with groups from other mrsms, my white canvas shoes turned brown red from the leeches bloody bites and I was screaming to get out of the jungle. I learned to bake cream puffs which I think is the best I've ever tasted. We were briefed of what subjects we should be taking the next 2 years, which i opted not to study biology since i don't think i could handle another experience of dissecting a frog. I got to be the commando to lead the 5.30am exercise routine (for the girls lah...), after enduring the training by the real commandos. There were so much more....
As for my two teenage kids after their PMR exam, Syamil enjoyed his time mostly in front of PS3, Wii and Xbox; the girl Sue went on a trip to Malacca and did a lot of other activities at her school.
Nizaha wanted a suitable theme for the 'naughty', smart students in her Form 3 class; I chose to make these emoticons because they are the easiest and fun.
I'm sure some of them will accept the offers to join mrsm, govt boarding schools, sekolah teknik etc... after the pmr result is out, usually around christmas. So, cherish this moment with your friends kiddos! Thanks for the order Niza.