Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ana Uhibbuk, Ana Bahibbik

It is really sweet when couple celebrates their birthdays together. Murni and her husband share the same birthday on Hijrah calendar; but they decided to have a cake on hubby's gregorian calendar birthday since hers was during Hari Raya season.
One of the beauty of Arabic language is in its grammatical gender, i.e. masculine (muzakkar) and feminine (muannas), thus the 2 lines of "I love You" messages on the cake. The cake was decorated per a sketch from Murni; the fondant faces were plumpier than her sketch and them actual in person, i'm soooo sorry ya....
This is the 1st time I use chocolate ganache decoration on a cake. The 1:1 ratio of choc bar & cream was too runny, so I added some choc fudge to it. Cake was choc moist & choc sponge with strawbery/raspbery cream filling.. yum!
Murni loves to write too, do visit her at MurniHati

P/S This pic was taken using hubby's Blackberry, so much clearer than my E71. Our cybershot camera is out on a camping trip with Sue ; "bilalah nak mampu beli dslr pulak....."