Friday, November 20, 2009

30th Anniversary Cake

When I agreed to this order for number 30 cake weighing only 1 kg+, I was more concerned on getting the cake to fit on a 12" cake base. After I've assembled the cake, it's obvious that putting the two number pieces side by side was a bigger challenge; no wonder most 2-number cakes I googled were covered with fondant. When I slide the chilled & frosted number 0 piece to be aligned to the partially pre-piped icing border drawn on the base, it fell apart; arghhhh.... Luckily I need not worry so much about the decor since message from Firah was "....decor camna tak pa, yg penting bentuk 30....".

Thanks Firah for the order and congratulations on your parents' 30th anniversary. My hubby  & i will be celebrating our 20th next year ..... ;-)

As for the heap of  the 30% cake scraps, the kids finish it with drizzle of chocolate ganache and whip cream. Here's a pic of the naked cake formed using 2X4" ring pan, 1X4" round pan and 1X4" square pan.


D@puR D@n OvEn said...

Salam K.Ana...hehehe
silalah ke blog jeri. tp kek jeri simple2 jer semua..