Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dora Cupcakes and Princess Cake

Elsie called from Perth to order these for her nieces. Cupcakes with Dora images for Kakak (older sister), and a pink princess cake for Adik (younger sister); both sets with the girls' pics too. I arrived at a spacious apartment with the doors wide open. The wind was blowing softly, smoke and noise from the busy Penang streets just disappear at this top floor of the apartment block.
I was greeted by Elsie's mom, standing beside her was a very sweet little girl which I immediately recognized as adik was also waiting, and... she was wearing a Dora t-shirt! I felt my heart skipped a beat, did I swapped Elsie's instructions? Alhamdulillah... i found out later that i didn't.

Later in the evening Elsie called again just to inform me that the girls and her mom liked the cakes very much. I've also started building Bakeryna pages on Facebook as suggested by Elsie. Thanks so much Elsie!

P/S Adik's pic was superimposed with Snow White's black hair wig, tiara and princess dress