Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yna's Kindergarten Graduation

Yna has stopped going to her kindy since mid August; mostly due to Asyraf's 3-month hospitalization and Yna's nocturnal behavior that is so difficult to break (she sleeps after 3:00am, wakes up at 12:00pm). For the last few weeks I kept thinking that she won't be getting her first scroll to add to her personal file and what would my answer be when she asks about it in future. ( I still keep my kindy scroll from 35years ago, and of course her bro & sis have theirs too)
I was so relieved when the Cikgu Nab, the headmaster at Tadika Fitrah Ehsan invited us to join the graduation ceremony. Well, I think Yna deserves it too, since she's exceeded pre-school adequacy level of reading/writing/arithmetic. My regret however was that she was unable to join the performance, much to her disappointment too.

As a thank you gesture for the teachers and all the 4/5/6 years old kids at the kindy I baked these mini cupcakes for them. I didn't affix any labels on the individual cupcake plastic cases, thus was very happy that a few of the parents personally aprroached me and will become my customers soon.

The graduation robe & caps are pipings of choc fudge. Earlier, I made a batch of robes and caps using royal icing but they did not hardened; the reason was too much gel coloring added to make them black. To make matters worse, the cupcakes peeled away from the paper liners. I didn't want the cuppies to go to waste, so the liners were peeled off and the cupcakes were put into paper souffle cups. I googled about the peeling cupcakes problem, most i think was due to high butter/fat content. I think mine was due to the repacked "buttercup" blend i purchased after Raya when the original 1kg cans or 5kg tubs were not available. Or maybe, it could be the rainy weather too. Hmm...