Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fresh Fruits Cupcakes

Deciding suitable cupcakes for a guy can be tricky. My hubby for instance will only eat chocolate cupcakes with a dollop of chocolate fudge, nothing fancy schmancy.

Intan ordered these 16pcs fresh fruit cupcakes for her hubby's 30th birthday; her choice of fruit was strawberry, grapes and peaches. I ran out of cling peaches, replaced with canned mandarin orange segments instead.

Cupcakes topping was half/half dairy fresh cream/non-dairy whip cream. Reason being, most non-dairy cream are too sweet, dairy cream tastes better but has very little whip volume and turns watery too fast in our tropical weather.

Message from Intan later that night, "Tq...sedap n my husband luv it......." Thanks Intan.