Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

This order came from Aishah who lives in KL for her father in Kulim. I'm glad her Dad was pleasantly surprised with the cupcakes delivery. (Thanks Aishah)

Aishah mentioned she wanted cupcakes set which look like a whole cake, which I mistakenly interpreted as joined cupcakes despite the sample pic given. I assembled 19 cuppies on a 12X12" base (the biggest base I always have) and another 7 cuppies separately, the order was for 25 cuppies. After sending her the pic and at her request I changed it to the design requested. (Actually, I could've called her to confirm but instead I took a nap after maghrib and only woke up after midnite to assemble the cuppies)

Anyway I was glad that the confusion had given me the chance to assemble my first joined cupcakes. It was pretty easy actually, spread some frosting in each cupcakes until the same level as the cupcakes liner. Then placed the cupcakes closely together; to form a hexagon assemble as 1+6+12 circles. Using a large spatula, slap some frosting at the center and spread outwards. I spread the frosting thicker in the middle, and at same level as the cupcake liner on around the edges of the hex. Remove excess frosting from the edges by running a small spatula upwards between the cupcake liner ridges.
The most fun part was when pulling out the individual cupcakes from the set; the sensation is difficult to explain. (sort of the feeling you get from squeezing/pressing the air out from bubble bags, how do you explain that? I'm sounding like a weirdo :D)

Aishah also requested for orange topping. I was afraid fresh orange juice would separate in the frosting, so I used Sunquick orange drink concentrate instead. It is a nice contrasting flavor to the chocolate cake. (Strangely enough, it was only a day earlier that I advised another customer against combining an orange cake with chocolate fudge)

Here's the recipe for the orange frosting (enough for 36++ cupcakes)
Buttercup 90g
Krimwell 90g
Unsalted Butter 90g (use anchor brand if you, like me, don't like the bovine smell in butter)
Icing sugar 90g
Orange Sunquick 4 tablespoon
Orange emulco 1/8 teaspoon (for aroma)
orange coloring

Mix buttercup, krimwell and unsalted butter until combined. Add icing sugar and beat at medium speed.
Add the sunquick and continue beating at high for 10 minutes or until stiff peaks formed.