Friday, June 5, 2009

Upin & Ipin + Cars

I wanted to write about this set for quite some time, this set was delivered almost 2 weeks ago.

The theme requested was Upin & Ipin and cars. I would have made Upin & Ipin out of fondant, but it was for a little boy, if the fondant turns out like 'toyol' instead, it would just scare the boy on his b'day. Was so glad that his mom agreed to Upin&Ipin edible image, thank you so much Yati. Image were used with permission from Upin&Ipin webmaster, thank you.

The fondant cars were traced using cardboard templates, one of which was drawn by dearest hubby who drives a silver bmw but wishes that it is black. Noticed the black car being chased by a Mitsubishi Evo X pdrm's patrol car? Ha ha ha, few years back hubby was stopped by the BKE highway police just to hand him a pic (and a summon too I think) for being the 2nd fastest car caught on their speed trap on Butterworth Kulim Expressway! (I shouldn't be proud of it, I know, I know....... but I won't mind being the fastest woman on BKE pulak, ha ha ha)