Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When Daddy Orders Cup/cakes

I was only half awake when I took this order over the phone. (Yna was affected with fever virus that is more active at night, well that's what the doctor told me. I had to keep applying/changing wet towel on her forehead at night) All I could remember, Jo was specific about how the b'day message should be spelled, and the cupcakes are needed the very next day. No suggestion for color(s) or theme.
I asked hubby what should I make, Farisha is about the same age as Yna. Hubby reply was "do whatever that Yna likes".
Grrrr... that's no help at all, Yna's interest swings almost every 2 days, last week was Thomas the train (which she managed to persuade ayah (daddy) to get her a Thomas train set during a shopping trip without mommy tagging along), then it was her lappy and drawing mommy & cakes using paintbrush, then her 4 Barbies and complaining that her Barbie 'mansion' is without a living room, this last few days she's glued to the tv for the many episodes of Ben10 now airing on CN (she told me who Julie is soon after I blogged abt Ben10 cake). Yna now carries a b'day wish list everywhere she goes , i.e. a recent Toys R Us flyer with names of her cousins/uncles/aunties next to the toys she wants for her upcoming b'day on July 4th, jenuhla hangpa bulan depan.

Back to the cupcakes, the alphabets already took up 3/4 of the cake, so I add a few daisies. The alphabets are written with melted chocolate on fondant. Jo said he'll refrigerate the cake until the following day, so I applied whipped choc ganache on the vanilla cupcakes, and buttercream swirls on the choc cupcakes. Jo didn't even bother looking at the cuppies when he came over (with wife, Nurul) to pick up the order, I guess maybe that's just how dads are when ordering cup/cakes................. (i mean, he already gave his instruction, it'll just be too late to suggest anything when the finished product is ready )