Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy !!!

This was ordered last week, but delivery was only confirmed at noon today (thanks En Kamal). The cake and choc fudge was already made last night; waiting for confirmation that mummy is around today to receive the cake, manalah tau kot terkena monday blues or birthday blues. So, got only 3 hours to decor the cake. Cake was a surprise from daddy and their two boys (in pic) to mummy, vanilla cake with cream and strawberry, choc fudge topping.

Dalam kelam kabut pun ,tried my kerastangan at making the scroll pattern on the side, wahkahkah.... so ugly, I really need to sign up for those expensive cake decor classes; seems like every trainer is charging at least RM180++ fee now.

Edible image applied without choc layer applied on reverse side, thus it really sticks to the topping; sampai berkedut-kedut...