Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maroon Roses for Engagement Hantaran

Shima contacted me about 2 months ago to order cupcakes for her engagement hantaran. Shima doesn't like fondant, prefers buttercream, but I am concerned that the buttercream won't hold its shape during the long journey to negri sembilan. (especillay during current very hot, possibly El Nino condition for Jun to August 2009)

We communicated a lot since the past 2 months, understand how much she wanted the cupcakes to look 'presentable' (trusted a novice like me to do it???). Shima finally sent me a pic of the cupcake design she likes (fondant roses on fondant base) ; so I suggested to add a layer of buttercream on the cupcake so she (or the groom-to-be 's entourage) can just remove the fondant top to enjoy the orange almond cupcakes.

Was relieved when I received a sms from Shima saying "......thanks for the cupcakes, cantik :), pihak lelaki pun ckp sedap....makcik2 sume puji cantik :)..."

Thanks Shima, especially for trusting me to try out full fondant design on 25 cuppies. It was so laborious and time consuming, I am glad I made it even though I have to decline other orders for that day. One of the bakery supply shops in Kulim starts to supply box for 16 cuppies, that's what I'll use for future orders for full fondant topped cupcakes.


Min said...

Salam Ana, good luck in your bisnes ye.. well done, nice blog.