Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ben10 AF Cake

AF=Alien Force not Akademi Fantasia...

I don't even know that Ben is now 15 not the 10yr old boy anymore. Know this from Yna actually, she even briefed me about Kevin, Gwen and Grandpa Max, but haven't heard Yna mentioning Ben's gf Julie though. Hmmm... wonder how old will Ben be in the upcoming sequel, Ben 10: Evolutions, will it still be suitable for small kids below age 10 then?

The cake was ordered by Farra who bakes & sells lots of cheesecakes (besides working full-time, being a unit trusts consultant, and raising 2 soon to become 3 kids! Super Mama indeed); do visit her at Cake ordered was 1.5kg Chocolate cake with fudge topping, and both b'day boys' pics on the cake. Makcik Ana even include a fondant omnitrix for Mus'ab, fortified with powdered milk (nak jadi alien tak boleh la, nak tambah kalsium beberapa mg boleh la). I included Ben age 10 & his alien forms images, in case Mus'ab doesn't like the Ben age 15 version. Thanks Farra, really like your enthusiasm into whatever you do.


Farra said...

kak ana, mus'ab suka sgt ngan jam ben 10..tapi tak bleh pakai pulak..kek sedap youu..sume sepupu sepapat & mak & ayah menakan enjoy.....nanti i updet citer & gambo kat blog yer ihiks

next time kita borak2 la..raya jemput mai umah kg eh..

Farra said...

kak...tqvm..kek sedap..mus;ab pon happy sgt

next time kita borak2 la..raya nanti jemoput mai umah kg yer

Anna @ Bakeryna said...

Thanks Farra. Jumpa lagi nanti ya.