Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ben 10 Alien Force Fever

I am surprised how popular the Ben 10 Alien Force is currently. Almost every home-based bakers has received orders for Ben 10 cup/cakes. Maybe the effect is amplified by the many airings of Ben10 on CN channel now.

This order came from bank staffs at a local bank (thanks Miss Ang). They liked the pic of the Ben10 AF cake I made previously (thanks Farra for initiating the Ben10 cake order). I suggested 5 other pics of Ben 10, but all of them still prefers this same pic of Ben with only 5 of his alien forms. So the other 5 alien forms has to be printed separately. I initially printed Spider Monkey, only to realize later that it's already on the main image; so have to print 3 pcs of Big Chill on a new icing sheet. To this effort my son said, "...that's why you're special (mom)Miey, you're detail when it comes to the theme given."

I was unaware that the fondant Omnitrix was also expected, luckily I've printed the omnitrixes and placed it on the cakes with its plastic backing still attached. This order was confirmed only one day before delivery, I don't have enough time to make & dry the fondant; I'm really sorry Miss Ang... All 3 cakes are orange buttercake with vanilla sponge layer, plain whip cream filling with buttercream topping. Wanted to put choc fudge topping but thought that it won't complement the orange cake taste very well.


Farra said...

tu la kak..bebudak skang ni gila ben 10..ntah apa yg syoknyer hehe