Sunday, January 10, 2010


The above number holds a very meaningful meaning to at least two couples, i.e. the date of their engagement.

First order from Mas for her good friend, wanted the cupcakes deco in beige theme.

Second order, from Firah for her sis (in gold theme)  and also for the entourage from her fiance-to- be's side (in green theme).

I'm wondering, next.... would the wedding date be set to 011010(Friday) or 101010 (Sunday) and the belanja set to RM10, +++   :)

Starting with the above orders, I will only make the full fondant topped cupcakes in medium size, this way I'm able fill 30% more cake volume compared to the tiny 2oz souffle cups I've been using previously... all with a little price increase, especially since the price of icing sugar has increased 50% in less than a year and decorating with fondant is very time consuming


queenbee said...

hi Anna! Happy new you have upgraded from icing ro fondant huh!That's great..sayang I live kind of far fr you..if not would have try the new recipes of yours!